About us

There is a fire burning in the heart of Stockholm, and it’s called Ekstedt.
Using the perfect combination of two parts passion and one part birch wood, we keep the flames constantly dancing – as well as the food.
Exquisite ingredients are prepared over the fire pit, in the wood fired oven or on top of a wood stove. Perfect smoke skills and hot coals are our main assets. No electric cookers, no gas burners; just heat, soot, ash, smoke and fire.
It’s old school, it’s traditional, but yet fresh and inventive. We’ve gone back to our Scandinavian roots to find something that has a brand new feeling. This is the opposite of molecular and futuristic gastronomy.

We let the elements do the work, while the fire makes the flavours spark with a rustic elegance. Subtle, nevertheless strong and intense. Ancient traditions meet modern Swedish Cuisine. Familiar and natural, but still new acquaintances. A match made in heaven for us as chefs.

Cooking with fire is a balancing act that requires experience, determination, speed, imagination and a sharp mind. We’ve learned to master the game to perfection.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere you can watch the chefs work by the magnificent fire pit in the kitchen. Every order is prepared à la minute.

We serve a set menu including meat, seafood, fish, game and greens. The dishes change according to the season and existing availability of the very best produce.
Our wine list is as ambitious as the food. Every wine is unique and has a history of its own. We buy small quantities of great wines, and prefer them to be as natural as possible to match the natural flavors of our food.
The interior is Scandinavian design at its best. Birch, leather, copper, sandstone and half-timbered walls tell the tale of the northern parts of Jämtland as well as the southern region of Skåne, both provinces where Niklas Ekstedt grew up.
Dinner at Ekstedt is more than a meal. It’s an experience for life. And it’s sizzling hot.